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Arrival mixed by DJ BEN LAVEE
Dj Ben LaVee was introduced to the Techno and House Movement at an early age. Growing up in Southern California he was strongly introduced by hard sounds of DJ Dan V.S, Ron D Core’s No Dos Era, Donald Glaude and whatever Fucky Techno Tribe had to offer. Inspired. He immediately began practicing on friend’s equipment. Dj’ing came naturally for him. Determined to save up and piece together equipment, one year later, at the age of fifteen, he had his first complete set. Shortly after he started playing at house parties and the underground warehouse scene. He was getting booked for Raves through out the country. At the age of eighteen he relocated to the North Bay. With the Bay’s exploding Rave scene, it offered an unlimited amount of parties to play. The following year he meet Dj Enfo, who happened to the music director for Club Rumors. After a few 2×4 sessions he was offered his first residence at the age of 19. Soon after LaVee began remixing old Bay music that couldn’t be found on wax and began pressing white label bootlegs called “Bay Area Classics” that was found at independent record stores, such as Ameba and Rasputin Music. Now located in Las Vegas he worked in the Financial Industry and hung up his headphones and put Dj’ing on pause. But now the turn tables have been dusted and the his headphones plugged in. The passion for music never ceased.

~ by lifeisdanq on June 8, 2010.

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