I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

You don’t have to like Heidi and Spencer. But these two certainly know how to generate publicity (not saying it’s good publicity). Clearly Al Roker from the Today Show on NBC  doesn’t like them. He tears them up in during their interview this morning. They deserved because they acted like fools on I’m a celebrity get me out of here!

and it has started a little war on their Twitter pages after the interview Al Roker went right to his Twitter page and unleashed the following attack:
Heidi and Spencer are an interesting couple. famous for…being infamous. Bad and vacuous behavior. I think we’re at minute 11 of their 15.

And then there’s this — minutes before the Twitter attack, Heidi ripped the weatherman on Ryan Seacrest’s radio for “personally attacking” her on live TV:

“I was shocked at how rude he was – I was crying afterwards because I couldn’t believe I felt personally attacked … I wanted to say to him, do you feel proud of how you’re talking to me right now? I’m just a young woman and you’re coming at me so aggressively and meanly [sic] and mean-spirited.”

She added, “I just wanted to talk about the show and my experience there and how fun it was, and he just made it a very uncomfortable and awful experience … I really would advise women especially to be careful around him because I feel like he definitely came and attacked me and I did not appreciate that at all.”

Check out the interview below

Today Show Interview


~ by lifeisdanq on June 15, 2009.

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